When you’ve been mistreated on the job, asserting your legal rights can be difficult. A strong advocate can protect your ability to work in a healthy environment and fight for you to obtain the compensation you’re entitled to. At Castillo Harper, APC in Riverside, we represent area employees in litigation and administrative proceedings, including discrimination cases and disciplinary actions brought against police officers and other civil workers. Our attorneys provide honest, forceful representation to clients in a wide range of employment fields.

Advocates Aggressively Pursue Justice in Discrimination Cases

In addition to the federal laws that protect employees, California has robust laws against discrimination based on specific personal characteristics. Our firm advises clients on federal and state claims relating to:

  • Race, religion and ethnicity — Employers cannot treat their workers differently because of their race, faith or ethnic background. This can include various types of adverse job actions, including refusing time off for religious observances.
  • Gender and sexual orientation — Discrimination based on gender is barred under federal law, and California adds protection against unfair treatment due to one’s sexual orientation or transgender status.
  • Age — The Age Discrimination in Employment Act prohibits mistreatment of workers over 40 based on their age. We can determine whether an employer is using a false excuse to cover discriminatory actions against older people.
  • Disability — Disabled workers capable of performing their job duties cannot be terminated because of their disability, and employers must make reasonable accommodations so they can remain in their position.

If you suspect that your current or prospective employer has discriminated against you, we can evaluate your situation during a free initial consultation.

Law Firm Delivers Strong Support in Sexual Harassment Matters

Two types of sexual harassment are recognized by law. Quid pro quo harassment occurs when a supervisor requests sexual attention in exchange for a workplace benefit or threatens a negative work consequence if the victim refuses a sexual advance. A hostile work environment claim arises when offensive conduct, such as touching, gestures or comments adversely affect an employee’s ability to do their job. Many of these matters turn on small details, but our experienced lawyers are able to develop a complete narrative to give you the greatest likelihood of success at trial or in a settlement.

Skilled Counselors Assist With Unpaid Wage Claims

As an employee, you know you deserve fair compensation for the time you’ve worked, but pressing a claim against your boss for unpaid wages can be intimidating. Our attorneys relieve that burden by fighting for your right to receive the pay you’re entitled to. One of our fights resulted in a significant victory in a Fair Labor Standards Act case, improving the overtime rate for workers who receive cash payments in lieu of benefits. Whether you’ve been paid late, not enough for the hours worked, or have been deprived of overtime wages, our lawyers will pursue legal and administrative actions to recover what you’ve earned and are entitled to.

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